Friday, August 12, 2011

Laptop woes

Hey all! I think almost everyone in my circle of friends, family, co-workers and Facebook friends knows by now that my laptop went down July 29th. The display went out as well as the keyboard going kaput and then it just refused to power up. I sent it back to the manufacturer and without any notice, it came back to my house this morning. I still have no idea what the diagnosis or repairs were, but it works and I'm back!

 While I was out, I found out that some of my family are reading my blog and gave me some suggestions for new reading. I'll be trying to broaden my horizons in the future. My husband is a big Clive Cussler fan so I have three of his early paperbacks. He also loves science fiction/fantasy fiction books. I'm trying to talk him into a guest post for The Dragonlance Chronicles which started him out as a big reading fan.

I finished Joy for Beginners which was another comfy and uplifting read about a group of women that faced some fears, challenged themselves and learned more about themselves through their experiences.

I'm in over my head with several library books, as well as the books my husband selected for me from his favorite books, my father-in-law lent me the new Dean Bakopoulos book "My American Unhappiness (Dean is a UW-Madison graduate), and I just found out I won a copy of "Falling Together" by Marisa De Los Santos from Library Love Fest. Stay TUNED!!


  1. My computer was out for almost two days, so I feel your pain. They're wonderful when they work, but a total pain when they don't.

  2. We just bought the laptop in March so it was out of the blue that it would just conk out!
    What do you think of the book ideas? Hubby is still on the fence about the guest post, even after I offered to type it up for him. I'm not going to let up, partly because I have so much on my own plate, it would be months before I could read his fave books "Dragonlance Chronicles!"