Monday, June 20, 2011

Tavern League

My sunday paper had a great article about a new Wisconsin book called Tavern League: Portraits of Wisconsin Bars by Carl Corey. Read the article here! Its mostly a photography book, telling stories of many old taverns in Wisconsin that go back farther than the local BW3's as the local hotspot. There aren't any Madison bars listed according to the article, which could be an opportunity for Mr. Corey, as I've "heard" some of the downtown bars have a rich history! I can't say much better than the article does for this book, but I'm intrigued because it sounds like many of these long-running taverns have avoided adding eleventy televisions and loud, LOUD music that are expected in so many sports bars and restaurants today These taverns are probably very different than walking into places like Applebee's, BW3's, Red Robin, and Hooters where you're afforded a TV from any view at almost every table, but you can't hear them anyways because of the loud music.
I'll digress as I'm in no way intending this to be any kind of social commentary - I'm looking forward to checking out this book mostly for the local color and history factors I hope it will contain. Here's a link to the book: Tavern League

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